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Privacy Policy

    It is the goal and intent of Kentucky River Cottages to protect your privacy and the privacy of each and every visitor to the greatest degree reasonably possible through available confidentiality and security measures. Therefore, except to the extent that any visitor specifically grants permission to Kentucky River Cottages to reveal the name, address, email address or any other private information provided by that visitor which may be held in the data system of Kentucky River Cottages and which could in any way be directly associated with that visitor by any party who is not an integral part of Kentucky River Cottages, then Kentucky River Cottages will not knowingly provide, sell, trade, transfer or in any other way deliberately reveal any such private visitor information to any party outside of Kentucky River Cottages, other than normal exposure encountered with contracted data system workers, management or hosting services for Kentucky River Cottages. This privacy policy does not include general demographic information which is not associated with any specific visitor or any specific visitor's address or contact information.

    Kentucky River Cottages contains links to other websites for use by its visitors. Kentucky River Cottages is not responsible for any private information gained by others related to the use of such links by visitors which may be beyond the reasonable control of Kentucky River Cottages. As a visitor you authorize Kentucky River Cottages to disclose your personal and private information to local, state or federal law enforcement officials only in the event that Kentucky River Cottages is required to do so by a lawful court or other legal authority which Kentucky River Cottages in good faith believes to have the proper legal jurisdiction over some or all of your private information held by Kentucky River Cottages. Kentucky River Cottages is not responsible for the use or misuse of any such private information so required of Kentucky River Cottages by such law officials.

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